Thursday, June 26, 2014

Other chores beckon

The northern California drought conditions has put me in the tree trimming and landscape clean up mode. Several days of removing all the kindling around the house and shop.
Also took some time to make a wooden Porsche for my brother's birthday present.
Porsche released this Cayman model as a .stl file earlier this year. It would have been easy to have simply made it with one of plastic printers in the shop ... Chris is house builder so he will appreciate the wood. An interesting plus is the wood came from his property. He has a collection of about 50 Porsche models. They are all plastic or metal ... no wood ones in his collection. This will be something new.
It also provides a fun project on the CNC machine. Machining a 4 sided model on a 3 axis tool takes a bit of planning.
The 3D welder project starts up again next week. 

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