Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tool to set tungsten length

This tool sets the "stick out" distance between the end of the electrode and the gas cup.
A simple, quick gauge is made from a coupling nut, bolt and regular nut. I sanded the end of the bolt and coupling nut  to make a good flat surface and then cut a slot in the side of the coupling nut for visibility. Dial calipers are used to set the distance of 6mm.
Before starting a build cycle a fresh tungsten electrode is installed. This ensures a stable current flow directly off the tip. The electrode is a consumable and should be inspected and cleaned often.
The wizardry in getting this welding process to function is the metal feed wire needs to hit perfectly in the center of a molten puddle of metal ... for many, many hours !
A pending design improvement is a vernier adjuster for the feed wire angle.

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