Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wire feeder is working

A few different brands of stepper drivers were purchased for evaluation. All have the same general output ratings. I decided to try the tb6560 first simply because it was the largest physically sized board thus has the appearance of delivering the most power.
It hooks up easy enough.
The first good sign is the board and driver run in the proper temperature range and within a few degrees of each other. Pulling power on the wire is much stronger now. With the original configuration I could squeeze my fingers pinching the wire coming off the spool and stop the motor. Now I can't.
A special THX to John Saunders @ nyccnc for his youtube video ... a big help in figuring out the UNO to tb6500 schematic and code.

Here's the code and driver switch settings for this round of testing.

Code: 10K ohm Potentiometer speed control
arduino UNO to microstep driver tb6560
CLK+ / step / pulse+  wire to arduino pin 9
CLW- / step / pulse-  wire to ground
CW+ / direction+  wire to arduino pin 8
CW- / direction-  wire to ground
potentiometer end wire to arduino +5v
potentiometer end wire to arduino ground
Potentiometer center wire to arduino A0
enable+ to nothing
enable- to ground

int sensorPin = A0;
int sensorValue =0;

void setup() {
  pinMode(8, OUTPUT);  //direction pin
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT);  //step pin
  digitalWrite(8, LOW);
  digitalWrite(9, LOW);

void loop() {
  sensorValue =analogRead(sensorPin);
  sensorValue= map(sensorValue,0,1023,3600,1);

Switch settings for tb6560 stepper driver
SW 1 = ON
SW3 = ON
S1 = OFF
S2 = ON
S3 = ON
S4 = OFF
S5 = ON
S6 = ON

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