Saturday, May 31, 2014

Electrical Enclosure Change

When showing the machine at Makers Faire and discussing the electrical interference problems a common suggestion is the original electrical enclosure didn't look correct. Too many large holes in the sides. Being made from aluminum probably isn't helping either. So this steel junction box was sourced with a trip to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  $10 for a decent used box for further testing. First test shows it does seem to solve the start voltage jumping across the limit switch wires but not the start voltage jumping across the drive motor wires. Next experiment is to add shields to the drive board power feed lines and also to the USB cable connecting the CAM software on the laptop.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Maker Faire 17 ~ 18 May

This past weekend Maker Faire graciously offered space to show the molten3D printer.
What a crowd ! Fortunately we had a space in the far south east corner of the fair grounds where the flow  of people was slower and more intimate. I was able to discuss with several people the successes and future challenges of the machine. These valuable conversations will help solve a few of the bugs still lingering in the design.
Thanks to all those who stopped by.
Thanks to the Maker Faire for the experience.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Molten 3D welding printer

Beginnings of the CAD model
August 2013 

General look of the machine

3 D printed plastic test parts for the movements

Checking the fit and accuracy

tacking the main frame

movement parts done in steel

capstan pulleys for the X,Y,Z drives

drive assembly

first movements test

electronics enclosure flattened for cutting

CAD for wire feeder assembly

wire feeder fit check

electronics assembly

torch and wire nozzle attachments

first sliced model movement tests

First welding tests 1 April 2014

Looking to solve a high frequency cross over problem

Starting to add shielding on all motion control cabling