Friday, June 13, 2014

One of the motivators
driving the creation of this project is to create an affordable welding robot that can be taught to weld better then me. A machine that is happy to weld hour upon hour and only asking to be fed in small quantities of electricity and production consumables. A machine that won't be distracted the myriad of fun stuff a human would rather engage in every second of every day.

This belt buckle was recently rediscovered in the closet. It is something I hand welded at a NASA launch facility 35 years ago. The "Scout" missile was the smallest and most reliable satellite launching system making it the perfect delivery vehicle for the original constellation of GPS satellites.

Maico is a German off-road motorcycle. The base material is .062" thick 304 Stainless steel with .062" filler rod.
If I were to create another today I'm confident the craftsmanship and welds would look similar.

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