Monday, June 23, 2014

Welding Tests

The Maker Faire fire marshal had approved this project to run welds during the weekend fair. So in the days leading up to the event a focused effort was made to get the details sorted out. Unfortunately the effort spotlighted all the items that need to be sorted out. With such poor results I decided not to run the machine in public. The set up time would have far exceeded any useable demonstration time.

The numbers on the sample correspond with the attached spread sheet.
In most cases the run was stopped before the completion of the second layer so a measure could be taken of the stack height of layer one and layer two and then compared to the software request. 

The machine change list :
  • Bed levelers
  • move “Y” pulleys out 1mm
  • temp probe motors
  • volt / amp meter at welder
  • micro adjuster for “Z” axis height
  • micro adjuster for nozzle angle
  • ceramic nozzle
  • try different drive board
  • slicing software support
  • change torch body
  • electronics enclosure mount
  • temp probe model
  • change electronics enclosure
  • remote amp adjustment

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