Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mr. welding robot is gaining on me !

Mr. welding robot is welding better then me ?!?!
Today's machine improvement was to update the wire feeder adjustment pots to 10 turn precession with counting knobs.  
Quite pleasing to see a firm step forward towards acceptable weld quality. 
A thinner then normal build plate is used for this test. Speeds and amp setting are reduced a bit from previous samples. Beginning point for the run is the bottom right corner progressing to the top right.
During the run the three knobs were adjusted by hand / eye as well as adjusting the remote amp control knob for the welding machine. Note the quality of the final portion of the weld !
(weld ran over a random hole on the scrap metal)
Model building coming soon ???


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  2. It is so prominent but i think your weld is good . Perfect!
    Tig and arc welding machine can create welds like this?